Monday, February 18, 2008

I cant believe I'm blogging...again

Its been over a month since my last blog. Sorry for the blogging dry spell but you know how life is sometimes. I was FRICKEN just leave me alone. Also if I take over a month I dont need to think up a new title. (very clever Jason, veery clever). And here's where I hit writer's block. What to blog about? hmmm...... maybe this'll be a random disjointed blog.. hope you guys are ok with that.

Reading Break has been soo boring so far. I have watched 11 Scrubs episodes and 1 Radio Free Roscoe episode. THis might give you an idea just how bored I am. I also made and ate a Huuge spaghetti dinner at 12:30AM. RIDICULOUS. It's pretty restful though which is really good after two weeks of ridiculous amounts of homework. 4 midterms in one week, a bio formal lab write up a history assignment and a physics assignment. Its not near as fun as it sounds. (sorry for my lack of commas)

My car broke down. I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later.. but it still depresses me. But fear not, it's nothing that cant be fixed by a competent mechanic. Its just like a cylinder for my hydraulic clutch or something. But seeing as my car's a standard, the clutch is kinda important.

Thats really all I have to say so I'll leave off with Robyn's whole thing about music and other such trivialities. Best movie I've watched in the past month: I would say Garden State but that was more than a month ago so... Snatch, or maybe the Little Mermaid.. its a toss-up. My favorite song as of now: ooh thats challenging. Bliss by Muse but it could be a lot of Muse songs. Really liking 37mm by AFI and Idioteque by Radiohead. The song I am listening to as I write this blog: The Ornament by Dredg. The book I am reading: Crossroads of Twilight by Robert Jordan. The last tv show I've watched: Scrubs. The last bible passage i read: Romans 6. The food I desire most right now: a chocolate bar. The person I most want to see in concert: Does this include band? cause than muse. They are widely regarded as the best live band in the world. The place I most want to be right now: I think I'm good where I am thanks.

I surprise myself with how interesting I can be.
Thanks for reading

Monday, January 7, 2008

I Can't Believe I'm Blogging

Contentment. Why do so many people struggle with something that should be so simple for our easy North American lives. Everybody seems to want more. Tim and Ree are going to England. Robyn claims that Canada is "boring". This is to name just a couple examples. (And this is absolutely nothing against Robyn, Tim or Ree)

Now a lack of contentment isn't always a bad thing. It pushes us forward and drives us to achieve things that we would never achieve otherwise. Basically it gets us off our lazy butts. I'm not sure where I'm going with this.. I guess I'll miss you guys (Tim and Ree) and I hope if you come back you will be content to stay awhile.

Now onto less serious/sappy matters. Christmastime with the family was really good. I never got sick of my father's antics. My brother's philosophizing, my mom's mothering, and my sister's negativity. I get along really well with all of them. Maybe that's just cause I'm so likeable. (Yeah I know that's a stretch.)

I'll break the holidays down for you guys. I arrived tired and disoriented from my flight from Hamilton. I than waited for my beautiful cousin Robyn to arrive from Africa and saw someone who was REALLy tired. a couple days worth of flights and waiting in airports. I don't know if i could handle that, Rob. I than delighted in Robyn's Ugandan accent and the ride home with my parents as they talked to Robyn about Uganda (thanks for stealing my thunder, Robyn)

Basically, we went to Robyn's house for Christmas and Josh is the coolest kid ever. Levi loves me probably more than anyone in the DeGroot family. New Year's Eve was fun, though i was angry at the fact that I couldnt win in Halo. But I ALWAYS rocked at Guitar Hero II. Me and my sister went out driving together to the mall and video rental places and stuff together. I'm going to miss her. Also I spent a lot of time with my parents just chatting about redoing the kitchen and other such nonsense. I'm going to miss them. I also spent a night talking to my brother about God, religions, and love. I'm going to miss him. I saw my oldest brother and his wife a couple a times as well. Which was really fun. He's really funny and makes suppers an enjoyable experience. I'll miss them.

So to wrap up, my semester at school looks like a lot of work. But I'll get through it with the help of James and his brilliance in Physics. I've seen most of my friends back here already but I can't wait to see the rest of you guys.